Voting Via Smart Phones – How Can We Protect That From Voter Fraud And Hacking?

In fact, I think that we all naturally know that one day we will not go to the polls at all and will not send out our ballots. These archaic methods won’t survive the next round of ever-connected 5G wireless technology. However, during this dialogue in our think tank it became clear that the future task will be to protect the system from hacking and falsification of election results. You see, there is a lot of political power and control over the government in our country. So let’s talk about it, okay?

One analyst said;

«… We also need to create a firewall that is strong enough to ensure national security. I think the app should just be a gateway to gather information and then send it through a national security database. Not protected by applied software. but with a higher level of security software that the government is already using.”

Isn’t that a good moment? Yes, of course, I agree that it would be more effective to vote and more effectively manage the government, yes. So we need to make it work, not use it as the successor to an elite group driven by an agenda. Another reason why data should be protected is not because we have a bad government, we actually have a pretty soft government by historical standards, but we have some pretty vile politicians and groups that are more than dubious., so here I also agree with the need for super-firewalls and data protection that is not subject to hacking, to the point that the data disappears after the vote – as the messaging policies of Vaporware. Our colleague from the think tank went on to say:

“I think we will use the app for any political inquiries that the government wants from us, but only for the government. So not every interested group can just go into the app and start an investigation to get it. Free information for his government purposes or maybe even elections if we need it. So people can’t abuse the app to get free stuff from our already very poor government.

If this particular application were only for the government, it would work, but also for quasi-state agencies – utilities, USPS, special rating districts, etc. Other private applications will rush to compete and will be used by the media for programming, local HOA – it looks like a completely new industry, as applications for surveys and surveys are now increasing in size and number of players, but when the government will offer their exclusive application You suddenly see startups’ ‘poll apps’ with IPO plans that are sold for billions to social media companies – don’t you? Of course, there is something to think about – our world is changing – we will have to accept these changes in order to continue our progress.

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