Non-Resident Indians Fight for the Right to Vote

To the extent that this could have a serious impact on the 8 million RNCs living abroad, there was a legal problem with India’s voting system, which allows the NRA to register on paper in its local constituency but does not physically help them authorize voting . . . The very fact that there are so many RNcs in the world is recognized by political parties across India, and future events will be watched with great impatience.

The fight for the vote

Interestingly, the Government of India amended the People’s Representation Act 1950 back in 2010, effectively allowing the NRA to register in their country to obtain the right to vote. Many people automatically assumed that this would lead to further changes in the voting system, although the situation did not seem to have changed after almost three years, and the trial conducted by three British NROs brought the issue to the fore. Community.

The right to vote means nothing without technology

The main reason we have encountered this legal challenge, which has been referred to the Supreme Court of India, is that under current NRA legislation, which may be living thousands of miles away, is physically forced to go to voting booths. . This is incomprehensible, given the continued development of technologies that will allow online voting, not to mention the very simple postal voting system that has existed for many years in many countries.

While some may argue that there may be a misuse of this new system, it is not in reality possible to allow the NRA to register in their Indian constituencies and force them to register and be present for the vote.

What will the Supreme Court judge?

The Supreme Court has contacted the Electoral Committee of India for comment and more information on the voting system for the NRA. Once this information is received, they are likely to announce a review of the overall voting system in India, and many people believe that we will see major changes. The fact that there are 8 million potential NRA voters in the world means that a significant number of votes must be cast.

If we take a step back and look at the situation with an open mind, how can the Supreme Court enforce the current voting system, which requires the NRA to visit its local constituency in India to vote? This is potential evidence of their human rights violation, isn’t it?


When the Indian government decided to amend the People’s Representation Act of 1950, people automatically assumed that this would be the beginning of changes in the Indian electoral system. The NRA has been demanding the opportunity to vote on India’s affairs for years, as much of the NRA community still has the right to vote in their local constituencies and in India’s foreign policy under certain circumstances.

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