Let Us All Vote Online Now – Why Wait For The Future?

What happens in the future when we all vote online in real time? Will our society and civilization be able to cope with change at this rate? Will it undermine our culture and our government, our entire system and our country? Voting now would be good, it would also use the wisdom of the crowd, but is that good with all the massive deception of the cable media that the minds of the masses possess with their daily propaganda?

Those who control will stay there, people will demand it, I suppose, but in the end they are fed up with nonsense, and from time to time the rulers had to confuse the scapegoat of the political elite – or people had to simply demand to “drain the swamp”. “Is it often enough to keep the base of power under threat to really return power to people? Let’s talk.

One of our analysts, Cody Hunt, reflecting on this question, said:

“I agree that this may surprise the citizen and that the speed of implementation of the policy can create a system with fewer checks and balances. Another aspect is that everything will finally be done. Go through and then work again. can be good and sometimes bad.”

However, it is only fitting that such a technology exists now and that we can implement it and get the most out of it – Cody also says:

“I think the app should be used for political research and perhaps even for elections. Everything has to be done at the local level and then with regard to major political changes or elections at the national level.”

Well, you’ve come to the conclusion that we should probably start with the Policy Poll app. Yes, it makes sense, and it will help the country in the long run to move to what citizens want, where we develop 5-10 plans that will allow the current planning process to go smoothly. Then imagine the app as a global voting app to ensure maximum participation, ensuring the will of the people and better access. Smart.

More active participation and less apathy would make us all feel better as citizens, that we are part of something much bigger, that our voice is taken into account and taken into account, and that we can see results almost immediately. He hosted disillusioned voters who used to feel alienated, which increased their distrust of the government and our leaders. Think about it.

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