Instant iPhone App Polling and Voting?

If you love your iPhone and use it every day for almost everything you do, you’ve probably wondered; Why can’t I just vote on my iPhone? Good question and believe me, you are not alone. In fact, our think tank has been discussing this for a long time, and while we do not yet have all the answers, we are convinced that such voices will soon become ubiquitous and popular. Indeed, in the future everyone will vote online or through their mobile device. Let’s talk.

Cody Hunt, a prolific thinker, believes that this technology is evolving with modern applications for instant online and mobile surveys, says Cody:

“The first possible problem is that voting will only be limited to people with smartphones that will allow applications and indirectly displace some of the poor from voting, now you can say that we can have an app as well as conduct regular polls. So those who wanted to use the app, and those who didn’t, can still vote the usual way, but that should prevent people from voting twice: once in the app and then again in the polls. “

Hmm? You know, Mr. Cody Hunt has some good points here, and I think this question about the future of instant voting is very important. Even today, big data is constantly scanned on social media for problems or trends, and politicians, executives, and security services are taking advantage of it. In fact, votes or polls can also identify users, even put them on some list of ‘individualists’ for further consideration, and perhaps they will be on a good list this time, but when new leaders come to power now, they are going to list somewhere wrong.

Where does all this research information go now? Will it be used to sell us things later? Do big data sell data to marketers and advertisers? How do we know? Where does our voting information go? Do you consider the value of this information to business and marketers? Think about how important this is for those who run political campaigns. Think about the problems that this can cause you, if in the future there will be radical changes in our political structure.

Suffice it to say that the concept of online voting poses many problems; security, identification, access (digital gap), etc., but they are not insurmountable. The question after being asked is more about the need for privacy and the fact that we need identity confirmation to check who is voting, but once we have both, we also know how… who voted and what things are what people are. vote for today. is considered unacceptable in the future and is detrimental to a person’s career, social status or political progress. Think about it.

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