Implementing An Online Voting System For US Citizens Considered

In the near future we will have applications for voting on smartphones and on the Internet. I doubt anyone ever thought of it to think otherwise. But while we know that such a potential future is highly likely, we also know that it will not be easy to create. Especially if we want to protect it from voter fraud and hacking – so let’s discuss the steps needed to implement this future voting technology, okay?

  1. Create a beta app that hasn’t been published yet (only to test the security and smoothness of your application).
  2. Ask newly elected officials to describe the app as a way to create new policies.
  3. Use the app for the most limited amount (so perhaps the local policy is only at the beginning).
  4. Once the new strategy is installed, expand the entire application to maximize the effect.

Well, for starters, can we use existing polling or poll applications as a basis, check their security policies, and hire white hackers to try to hack? Do I need to borrow mobile strategies for security? Should we also contact the EFF to find out his opinion on this? What about the people at Google?

Number 2 shouldn’t matter much.

Number 3 – I’m sure we can convince local governments to quickly try this out in all 50 states, the cost will be low, we need a bit of marketing and smart young people to call for this city. Cities with disagreements and some problems – it would be easy, local council and county regulators would be ideal representatives. Small states will soon adopt it, high-tech states may need a different version (NIMBY effect), but if we deploy it quickly enough, we can keep it universal, and the federal government will first turn to us, plus a sponsor. because Google wants to include us in its system. What do you think about cooperation of this scale?

Number 4 – What additional features will we introduce as we evolve? What do we learn or hope to learn that will allow us to make such decisions? Much will be adapted by trial and error as we grow up. Does this usually happen to startups?

Okay, let’s add some more information about this.

You see, on November 8, 2011, CNN had an interesting article titled; “Why can’t Americans vote online?” by Doug Gross, who said, “Supporters say now is the time to seriously consider allowing voters to vote without leaving their homes or even on their cellphone screens.” We voted the same way we did the last 200 years because we couldn’t do better,” said Rob Weber, a former IT specialist at IBM who runs the Cyber the Vote blog. Now we have this technology that has radically changed our entire lives… (and) can revolutionize our electoral system and revolutionize our political system.” “

Now it seems that this concept is in development, and it is only a matter of time – maybe in 10-12 years it will become a reality. That’s what I’m guessing. Think about it.

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