How About A Voting App So You Could Vote On Your SmartPhone?

In the last presidential election of 2016 we saw a significant turnout, but even it was only 58.6%, or 135.6 million people, but we know that this means that 41.4% of our population did not vote. The total number of eligible voters in the United States in 2016 was 231,556,622. What happened to everyone who didn’t vote? Don’t tell me they don’t care. Maybe we’re making it too difficult, maybe people didn’t want to be automatically registered as jurors. Maybe voters are apathetic for other reasons – but I wonder if it was easier to vote, especially in presidential years?

We discussed this in our think tank, and one person said that the concept of a smartphone voting app, an idea already launched, would be ideal not only for the federal election;

“I think this app would be great for the government locally! So many things can be quickly solved and implemented soon after. I also think there’s definitely a chance to vote after sending a text message. Think 48 hours. It’s ok just to give everyone time to search at the last minute if necessary.”

In fact, given this, I like 48 hours to vote after the app has handed over the request because companies don’t need much time to flood media advertising or media to compete with them. long enough to study it, talk about it with friends and family, and then “vote” – what we’re actually talking about your GOOD, that’s why those votes should be confidential and that people should trust them, so there’s no fraud by the NSA, etc., this information just isn’t transferable, no matter what.

“Yes, most 13-year-olds have phones, but I don’t think they should vote yet. I think that as we get older, we learn more and more about ourselves and about life. We think that our country should be the political views of their parents. so when we give them the right to vote, it’s almost like adults with children who get a second vote.

Oh, as for 13-year-olds, well, I didn’t mean they can actually vote, especially by allowing them to practice voting and showing their common interest to everyone, then they’ll have their membership in the system in the future, and then use it and vote in the future. I agree that their voices are likely to repeat the voices of their parents in many ways.

Perhaps we need to rethink how we vote, and perhaps using all these new technologies will really help us participate in our government. Think about it.

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