ARS – An Innovative Technology of Audience Polling and Group Response

Whether you are a market researcher, doctor, engineer, businessman or education consultant, if you want to make all your meetings, seminars or trainings more interactive by improving the attention and voting process, for the public. will be the perfect choice for you. In our time, diversification of work and the need for constant communication between regions have made paper feedback unnecessary and time-consuming. Various electronic systems have become increasingly important.

So how does it work? ARS is essentially an electronic voting system consisting of wireless keyboards, a base station, and a computer with ARS installed software. Each audience needs a wireless keyboard to click to vote, and the answers are then collected by the base station and immediately analyzed by the ARS software. The speaker can display the results in a variety of formats, such as newsletters, tables, and diagrams. And everything happens instantly in real time.

ARS software has come a long way from a secure computer known as a standalone program to an intelligent technology called PowerPoint add-ons. This software works in tandem with Microsoft PowerPoint, the most popular and widely used industry standard for presentation software. It adds additional ARS features and features directly to PowerPoint, giving you more options and opportunities associated with your presentation. It’s very easy to use. You can submit and then ask a question, interview the votes and display the results in a simple newsletter or complex graphs and analyses. Imagination is your limit. And if you’re already a PowerPoint user, you’ll learn it very quickly. And if not, why not join the crowd?

The software will become smarter, users will be able to make decisions faster and more noticeably. In practice, the most effective presentation software will make it easier to collect data for reporting and analysis purposes. Finally, it must be said that if you really want to improve attention, increase the level of retention of knowledge and make an accurate decision about surveys, only electronic public response systems should be considered.

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